A former investigative journalist, now full-time mom, enlists her friends’ help when they’re threatened by two killers, each with a different reason to harm them. Can they combine skills to survive — or will they die trying?


In boom-BOOM!, book one in the Hamlin Park Irregulars series, Tina Thomas reignited her penchant for reporting a front-page story and encountered plenty of excitement and intrigue — as well as danger — while indulging her curiosity about mysterious new residents in her upscale Chicago neighborhood. 

Though she survived multiple near-death experiences, thanks, in part, to her friends — the Hamlin Park Irregulars — things are about to blow up. One member of the neighbor’s crew was released by the FBI and is seeking retribution against Tina and the Irregulars. Simultaneously, a second threat emerges with the resurfacing of an abortion clinic bomber who nearly killed Tina five years ago in Arlington, Virginia. He missed killing her then. Has he come to Chicago to try again?

Tina and her friends, all parents of young children, are real people — not superheroes — and the authorities don’t have the funds or inclination to offer them much help. Can they use their savvy and skill to fend off the two killers and save themselves and their families?

In boom-BOOM!, there were plenty of twists, turns, and thrills. In dèjá-Boom!, the second novel of the series, the tension is ratcheted up to a fever pitch.


Loved this book. I read the first Boom Boom which was excellent. This had some get twists, turns, and surprises. Once I started could not put it down. Can’t wait for the next Hamlin Park Irregulars. I highly recommend.